Active Ingredients and their actions:

Vitamin A,C,E & Pro-Vitamin B5    Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)

This powerful vitamin is an effective moisturizer, an anti-ageing treatment and a useful treatment for a variety of skin disorders. Pro Vitamin B5 also promotes epithelization, which encourages the skin to regenerate. Pro vitamin B5 supports your skin’s role as a barrier, reducing the amount of water lost through your skin. Because pro vitamin B5 binds to hair shafts it can help improve the appearance and condition of your hair, while also reducing the itchy scalp caused by dandruff.

Vitamin A,C,E & Pro-Vitamin B5    Vitamin A

Exfoliates your skin while repairing the cell structure and stimulating the dermis. Vitamin A can encourage deposits of collagen and increase blood flow to your skin, which in turn can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A powerful anti-aging agent, vitamin A stimulates the dermis, increasing the production of collagen and preventing the breakdown of existing collagen. By supporting collagen vitamin A can prevent the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin A also supports UV protection by reducing the clustering of melanin granules.

Vitamin A,C,E & Pro-Vitamin B5    Vitamin C

Antioxidant rich, vitamin C can boost your collagen levels which typically become depleted with age. Vitamin C can reduce free radicals to help your skin remain healthy and full of vitality. Vitamin C is effective at minimizing dark spots, in part because it slows the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme which causes pigmentation. Used in skin treatments vitamin C can reduce wrinkles while also cleansing, exfoliating and softening your skin.

Vitamin A,C,E & Pro-Vitamin B5    Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant can protect your skin against sun damage, reverse some skin discoloration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E can mop-up free radicals, stimulate blood circulation and regulate your skin’s elasticity. Vitamin E is also a highly effective moisturizer which can help to regulate your skin’s oil levels, as well as being helpful at minimizing scars and stretch marks.

Sunscreen    Sun Screen

While our skin needs sunlight to produce vitamin D, too much exposure to sunshine can damage our skin, leading to excessive pigmentation and sun damage, so it’s useful to have sun screen agents in your skin care products so that you are always protected. We use a special blend of natural, non-chemical, sunscreens which rely on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to effectively reflect light away from your skin. The sun screen agent sits on top of your skin to form a barrier which blocks both ultraviolet-B and long-wave ultraviolet-A rays.